Doug McCormick Featured on Northstar’s Fast Pitch Private Equity Podcast

HCI Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Doug McCormick, recently joined Jeff Henningsen, President and Partner at Lockton Companies Houston on his popular podcast, Northstar’s Private Equity Fast Pitch. Listen in to hear how Doug’s lessons learned at West Point and in the military have made him a successful private equity partner, the key ingredient that separates winners and losers in a macro-economic downturn, how enjoying yourself becomes a key competitive advantage in business and why his kids named him “the fortune cookie” for his adages. He talks about how he strives for excellence while still enjoying the journey—Doug really loves working and leading the team at HCI!  You’ll also learn what his advice is for young people trying to enter the private equity industry, the value of branding yourself and what he thinks makes HCI such a great place to work.