HCI Named a BluWave 2023 Top Private Equity Innovator

WASHINGTON, DC, February 15, 2023 – HCI Equity Partners, a leading lower middle market private equity firm, announced today it has been named to Bluwave’s 2023 Top Private Equity Innovators List. HCI is focused on partnering with family and founder-owned distribution, manufacturing and service companies, and is headquartered in Washington, DC.

BluWave is the business builders’ network for private equity-grade due diligence and value creation needs, partnering with more than 500 leading private equity firms for a one-of-a-kind perspective that enables it to uniquely understand best practices and innovation in private equity. Recipients of the BluWave 2023 Top Private Equity Innovator Awards represent the top 2% in the private equity industry for due diligence, value creation, ESG and PE firm operations*, and were selected based upon a rigorous assessment in consultation with leading limited partners, investment bankers, service providers and other thought leaders in the private equity ecosystem.

“The Top Private Equity Innovators have demonstrated their ability to stay ahead of changing environments, engage in transformative due diligence and value creation and embrace the strategic value of ESG,” says Sean Mooney, Founder and CEO, BluWave. “They are leaders in creating economic opportunities and building businesses that provide jobs, and we commend them on their innovation and success.”

“We are honored to be selected as a Top Private Equity Innovator by Bluwave, especially since the award recognizes leaders in value creation and operational engagement, which are key aspects of our playbook,” said Doug McCormick, Managing Partner at HCI. “As a former private equity partner with a robust team and network at BluWave, Sean has a unique understanding of what factors are driving the industry, which makes his recognition of HCI carry significant weight. We’re honored to be in the company of other private equity leaders driving transformative growth in our industry.”

For complete information on the BluWave 2023 Private Equity Innovator Awards and the recipients, please visit https://www.bluwave.net/awards/.


About BluWave

BluWave is the business builders’ network for private equity grade service provider needs. The company’s platform combines concierge-like consultative support with technology, data, and AI to expertly connect businesses with proven providers across due diligence, value creation, and prep for sale. The BluWave Vetted™ network is an invite-only ecosystem of top tier individuals and service providing groups. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, BluWave ranks as one of America’s fastest growing companies and today serves more than 500 leading private equity firms and thousands of proactive businesses. Visit BluWave.net to learn more.


*BluWave, LP has not received investment capital from and holds no ownership interest in the PE firms evaluated or recognized under the Top Private Equity Innovator awards program. BluWave received no compensation from any of the PE firms in connection with this awards program. However, BluWave may otherwise provide services to the PE firms and/or portfolio companies, but BluWave confirms that its assessment of the PE firms was independent of any such service arrangements. Top 2% in the PE industry is based on BluWave’s review of the more than 5,000 PE firms in the U.S. and Canada from which the PE firms were selected as award recipients.

*Disclaimer: BluWave’s Top Private Equity Innovator awards is a program designed by BluWave, LP. HCI did not apply or pay a fee to be considered for this award. Winning firms are selected independently by BluWave based on firm’s ESG policies, value creation strategies, firm operations and due diligence practices. This award is not to be construed as indicative of HCI’s future performance. This award represents information as of February 2023 and may not reflect important information related to an evaluation of the investment adviser which has occurred prior to, or subsequent to, the award.