NCG Acquires Total Container Group

Cleveland, OH, December 2016

HCI Equity Partners is pleased to announce the successful sale of Total Container Group (“TCG” or the “Company”) to National Container Group (“NCG”) on December 2, 2016. National Container Group is one of the largest reconditioners of plastic intermediate bulk containers (“IBC’s”) in North America. NCG’s parent, Mauser Group, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of new plastic IBC’s.

TCG was formed in 2014 shortly after K.P. McNamara Company (acquired by HCI in 2012) merged with RnR Industrial Services. In November 2015, TCG added CMO Enterprises to the platform. Today, TCG offers a comprehensive array of industrial container solutions–ranging from less than 1 gallon cans to 20,000 gallon storage tanks–but is primarily focused on the reconditioning and distribution of plastic and steel IBC’s.

Simultaneous with the acquisition of TCG, NCG also acquired Advantage IBC, a competitor primarily in the Texas market. HCI arranged, fully negotiated and diligenced this transaction as an add-on acquisition for TCG, which made the overall platform increasingly compelling to NCG given the additional scale and consolidation opportunities.