The Delaney Hardware Company Announces Acquisition of Premier Products, Inc.

Cumming, GA, October 2017

HCI Equity Partners is pleased to announce that existing portfolio company, The Delaney Hardware Company, completed the acquisition of Premier Products, Inc. on October 31, 2017. Premier is a manufacturer of hollow metal doors and frames for the commercial and multi-family construction industry and currently serves as Delaney’s primary supplier for hollow metal doors. The Company is headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana with additional locations in Atlanta and Houston.

Delaney, an existing HCI IV portfolio company based outside of Atlanta, Georgia, is a designer, marketer and distributor of residential and commercial locksets. The Company sources product through Asian manufacturing relationships and markets under its own Delaney and Callan brand names. Delaney’s customer base is largely composed of small-to-medium sized building products suppliers, installers and DIY outlets.

The combination of the Premier door and frame manufacturing and the breadth of the Delaney hardware offering will allow Delaney to increase their overall competitiveness in the commercial marketplace. Premier’s facility in Houston also provides a Western US presence for the Delaney business. We, along with management, believe that the combined strengths of Delaney and Premier will allow them to have a more competitive product offering that should enhance the current commercial business.